Easy, simple and efortless, you will get a unique and customized jewel

At Orygen we design personalized and innovative jewelry, 100% unique that keeps the DNA in a visible way. We send you everything you need to obtain your DNA sample, in this way you will live an unforgettable science experience and get your personalized jewel and a story to tell.

Orygen Concept

How it works?


The natural resins when fossilized produce one of the few known organic gems, the Amber, which is traditionally used in jewelry and has been shown to be the most effective way of preserving, as it blocks DNA degradation. The DNA of fossilized species has even been recovered from the amber dated 135 million years ago.

In ORYGEN we imitate that natural technique of encapsulation using chemical resins, so we simulate this natural process to create jewels in which the people’s essence lasts in time.

Orygen technology is an alternative way to store and protect our genome at home. With our encapsulation technique, traditional low-temperature storage of DNA samples is no longer necessary. The use of this technique has several advantages over freezing, since maintaining viable samples for years, it is much cheaper and uses no power, so it is a more environmentally friendly product.

DNA samples can be stored almost anywhere, we just have to be careful not to submit the jewel to extreme temperature conditions (over 45°C) and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. The ORYGEN encapsulation process is protected under industrial secret, and the collection method uses a proprietary DNA stabilization solution, causing the sample not to degrade during transport.

So as you can see, having your own familiar DNA bank at home is very simple


Caja regalo experiencia Orygen


This is the DNA collector kit you will receive in the next two days after your order has been placed in our shop. To collect the sample just follow the simple instructions received with the kit. The sample that we use is saliva, so it is not an invasive process and it can be done anywhere.

Once the sample is properly prepared, you only have to enter it in the padded envelope enclosed in the Orygen Gift Box and contact us to collect your sample at the chosen address.

If you prefer, you can choose the option gift and we will send it wherever you decide, the kit will become an elegant gift box.

Caja regalo experiencia Orygen


Once the jewel is purshased, we start two processes in parallel, the DNA encapsulation and the jewel creation.

As soon we receive the sample, we process the sample to isolate the DNA and then encapsulate it in resin. All this process is recorded in a video which is sent to you after receiving the jewel. You have proof and guarantee of the processes your jewel follows and you do not miss a single detail of the experience.

When the DNA capsule is ready is sent to our jewelers so they can assemble it into the jewel you have previously chosen. Therefore, the creation of ORYGEN jewelery is totally handmade and is done on request, allowing the personalization of materials, stones, etc…


The last step will be to send the jewel at no cost at the indicated address. All the jewels are accompanied by a quality assurance certificate of both the materials we use and the process of DNA encapsulation. This certificate includes a serial number of the product. In addition, all the jewels are sealed with the ORYGEN brand that demonstrates its authenticity.

The DNA we isolate is entirely used for the creation of the jewel, in no case we analyze it, sequence it or store it. If the customer wishes some type of analysis or storage, they should be notified at the time of the start of the process.

The entire ORYGEN experience lasts about 15 days since you select the jewel.










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