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Give an Orygen jewel

Once you place the order of one of our jewels, or the Orygen Gift Box, we send you a kit, very easy to use, to get a DNA sample.

How to obtain a DNA sample

In Orygen we create unique jewels for unforgettable moments

An Orygen story

In Orygen we have revolutionized the jewelry. Our jewels have been made to accompany you in your special moments. The Orygen jewels keep your essence, your DNA in a visible way so you can see, save and even give as a present.

In Orygen we design and

create unique jewels

to live unforgettable moments!

Surprise with an Orygen Experience

Orygen Gift Box

Do you want to give an original gift and you cannot decide? In Orygen we offer you our Gift Box with which you will surely get it right. They will receive everything to create a unique jewel, they can choose a jewel from our catalogue and they will receive a kit to personalize it with the DNA of whoever they want. We also send it to them in 48h to the indicated address.