How much is the shipping?

The delivery of the recollection kit and the collection of the sample do not have any cost.

The shipping price of the final product depends on the destination. For orders within the Iberian Peninsula there isn’t any extra cost.

How do I collect the DNA sample?

Very easy. You only have to follow the 4 steps indicated in the section of how it works and the instructions provided in the kit. You can also watch the video or call us if you have any other question.

Are the jewels really unique?

Of course, each of our jewels is unique because our genetic code is unrepeatable. And your jewel carries it inside.

How can you see the DNA?

DNA is a very thin molecule of 2.3nm in diameter, invisible to the human eye. Nevertheless, the DNA length of a human cell is 2 meters. For this reason, when the thousands of chains contained in your sample are interlaced, an amazing DNA cloud is formed, and that is what you will see inside your jewel.

How do you ensure and guarantee my privacy?

In Orygen the privacy of our customers is a priority. We use codes to designate a process for each sample that arrives at the laboratory, we never use the real name of the buyer. For more information, go to the privacy policy and if you have any specific question, please contact us at

How do I know that my jewel carries my DNA and not someone else’s?

We ensure and guarantee the authenticity of each of our jewels. To do this, we use verification and monitoring methods to ensure that each step of the manufacturing process it is performed on the sample we receive. Inside the final case you will find a certificate of authenticity with the code that has been used since we sent you the collection kit until the moment of the reception of the final product.

Which genetic information can be collected from the DNA contained in my jewel?

This is not the purpose of the jewel, once the DNA is encapsulated in resin, its extraction and analysis is not simple because it has to go through an unconventional purification process. However, if the jewel is not subjected to extreme conditions the DNA inside could be sent to a laboratory for analysis. If your goal was the latter, please contact our information service and they will advise you at

Do you keep part of my DNA sample?

Never. Each sample is eliminated after it is successfully encapsulated. The destruction of the sample is a necessary step in our security process. For more information check the privacy policy or contact us through

How can you give an Orygen experience?

An Orygen Jewel is the perfect gift to surprise a good friend. When you make the order as a gift, Orygen sends and elegant box where the collection kit and the instructions are provided inside so your friend is able to choose the jewel, collect the sample and send it to us. You can also buy our Orygen Gift Box to him/her choosing the jewel you think that will better fits him/her. For more information click here.

Can you create jewelry from the DNA of deceased people?

Of course. We are already working with that and we have adapted processes for it. For more information, click here.

Can you create jewelry from my pet’s DNA?

Definitely. It is also a very nice choice to take your faithful friend always with you. For more information, click here.

How long does it take to receive the jewel?

The jewel is sent within two weeks after your DNA has arrived in the laboratory. The collection kit is sent once the order is done and it takes two days to reach maximum. The sooner you send us your sample to our laboratories, the sooner we can begin processing it and assembling the jewel.

In the case of requesting a recording, the delivery time will be 5 working days more.

Can you ship to any country?

Yes, but in some countries might be more difficult due to the customs laws. If you need more information, contact us at

What is the return policy?

Our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients by giving the best customer experience.  If this is not the case, please read our return policy or contact us at