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How is DNA extracted?

One of the most common queries we have at Orygen is in reference to the process of DNA extraction. When you receive the DNA extraction kit it is important to read the instructions carefully as doing so correctly allows for the DNA nebula to be optimized and the process not to be repeated.

Once you have ordered your Orygen jewellery you will receive a DNA extraction kit, in which you will find all this:

The first thing you have to do is rinse your mouth a little bit in case there’s any food left. It is preferable that you have not eaten anything in the 30 minutes before, so that we can ensure that the sample is 100% of your DNA.

Now that your mouth is clean, take one of the swabs contained in the kit and rub the walls of your mouth for 30 seconds. With this what we do is take a sample of the cards you have in your mouth. You have to rub it well, as if you wanted to clean your mouth with the swab.

To be sure, you have to repeat the same with the second swab.

dna extraction

Perfect! Doesn’t that feel a little like CSI?

Now all we have to do is take the little tube that has liquid in it and insert the swab. Spin it around like you’re stirring coffee for a little while, about 10 seconds, and then squeeze it into the wall of the tube as much as possible, it’s all about getting your DNA into the liquid so you have to be a little pushy. This liquid allows us to preserve the DNA until it gets to the lab.

Close the tube tightly, shake it a bit and put it in the padded envelope. Your sample is ready for us to collect it and start creating your Orygen jewel!


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