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Jewelry care in summer

Summer has finally arrived! In the care of the jewels, too. And what a desire to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. And in these days that wait for us of beach, swimming pool, sun and heat it is not advisable to neglect the treatment of our jewels, although it is necessary to try to treat them with care all the year round.

What should we avoid?

It is important to try to avoid the contact of the jewels with chemical products, and in this epoch the most common thing is the solar creams. If a day passes nothing happens but the continued contact can spoil them. The same happens with perfumes and make-up.

It is better that water does not come into contact with the jewels, the chlorine of the pool like the saltpeter of the sea can cause damages. Spa water also contains components that are harmful to jewellery.

Heat and sweat do not help either, the sweat from our skin can make them rust more quickly and even start to turn black quickly.

Exposure to these agents contributes to their faster wear and tear as well as the danger of losing the set stones.

So how do I take care of my Orygen jewelry?

Orygen jewellery takes the same care as jewellery in general but because the DNA contained in the jewellery is encapsulated within a stone, like a mosquito in an amber, the most likely cause of deterioration is exposure to extreme temperatures.

It is better not to leave them in the sun for a long time.

Also avoid getting them wet as this can cause bubbles in the DNA encapsulation system and discoloration of the stone.

Cleaning is very easy with a chamois or a cotton cloth and dry.

In short, wear your Orygen jewellery in summer but out of the water and in the shade!

Happy summer to you all!

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