dna jewels

Orygen, amazing and special gifts

Orygen revolutionizes the jewelry world by creating the first jewels designed that contain DNA.

The Orygen experience is based on the creation of jewels that include the DNA of a person or a loved one. It starts by selecting one jewel and ends with the sending of the piece in an exclusive package.

The Orygen pieces are designed and created by expert jewelers, among whom the internationally famous Nicolas Estrada stands out.

Orygen represents a new model of creating innovative and futuristic jewelry which immortalizes the memory, or the biological essence, of someone in a lifetime gift.

Gold Rings, pendants, bracelets, together with silver and leather match the gems of Navmeet and emerge as unique and personalized works of art aimed at a public that is searching for something different in the world of accessories and jewelry – unique pieces with an emotional and romantic meaning as never seen before.

The extraction process follows an established standard protocol so that the sample arrives in optimal condition to be processed and ready for the later assembly of the jewel.

The Orygen experience is a simple and agile process that is articulated through www.orygenexperiences.com.A DNA saliva collector is sent together with instructions for collecting and returning the DNA sample. The customer receives the jewel with the DNA within 20 days.

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