Orygen Gift Box



The Orygen Experience Box is an innovative product that breaks with the schemes of the world of jewelry. With the Gift Box you can choose and create the jewel that you like with yours DNA or your loved ones, so you can take them with you whenever you want.

The person who receives will be able to choose the design, colors, and to obtain the DNA sample in few steps. Give the Orygen Experience!

In the box you will find everything needed to live the Orygen experience, kits to collect the DNA sample, the gift voucher, the Orygen jewelery catalog and all the information to create a unique jewel of incalculable personal value.


The price does not include engravings on the jewellery or silver chain.



Orygen Jewels

Orygen Experiences means innovation as it has introduced a revolutionary concept in the jewelry sector that fuses science and design, creating jewels that contain visible DNA.

Family, friends and even our pets are the most important beings in our lifes. For this reason, Orygen is always designing and improving to create personalized jewels.

How jewelry are produced

Orygen concept

The Orygen concept is personal and exclusive. It goes beyond the design creating alive jewels. Giving the essence of what makes us unique is possible now.

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