Silver ring Elegance – Pink



This ring is characterized by a square DNA capsule of 8 mm in diameter that encapsulates the DNA cloud. Rhodium silver together with the transparency of the stones enhances the purity of the DNA cloud.


It is available in different colors: topaz blue, citrine yellow, pink quartz, lavender, crystalline quartz and emerald green.

We can engrave the capsules with initials, names or sample code, to ease the identification.


For the optimal maintenance of the ring, it is recommended to not to wet it as it may generate bubbles in the DNA encapsulation system. Regarding the cleaning, it is necessary to use a chamois and dry clean.


You will receive the jewel within 15 days once we receive your sample in our laboratories.

The prices include the following costs: picking up services and the shipment of both, the DNA collector kit and jewel.


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Orygen Jewels

Orygen Experiences means innovation as it has introduced a revolutionary concept in the jewelry sector that fuses science and design, creating jewels that contain visible DNA.

Family, friends and even our pets are the most important beings in our lifes. For this reason, Orygen is always designing and improving to create personalized jewels.

How jewelry are produced

Orygen concept

The Orygen concept is personal and exclusive. It goes beyond the design creating alive jewels. Giving the essence of what makes us unique is possible now.

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