¿What is the DNA?

DNA is something that every living being brings inside the nucleus of each of their cells. It is the molecule that contains the secret code to create life.


Every code is unique and all living beings are unrepeatable.

Biologically, it is a store of information that determines who we are. It is what makes us unique, inherited from our parents and left to our children. It is the origin of life and also its continuity.

The molecule of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is formed by a sequence of small elements linked together called nucleotides, there are four different ones represented by four letters (A, G, C, T) which are ordered in a specific pattern forming the secret code of every living being.

DNA is a 2.3nm  diameter molecule, too thin to be visible to the human eye, but the length of all DNA molecules in a human cell is 2 meters, which means that, when the thousands of DNA chains come together and intertwine to form a whitish cloud of DNA visible to the human eye. This amazing cloud is what you will see inside Orygen jewelry.



gold ring 2

The total number of nucleotides in each strand of DNA varies among species, humans are the most complex beings and our code consists of 3.200 million units. Within the sequence, there are portions that express themselves generating our physical qualities as well as our personality these are called genes.




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