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What to give for Mother’s Day?

How many times do we ask ourselves what to get for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day has become a very special day of celebration that often brings the whole family together, and in many cases, several generations at once. Something that seems normal since they say that the bond with our mothers is created from the first day of conception and is activated definitively in the first physical contact, skin to skin.

At Orygen we have been lucky enough to prepare DNA jewellery for many different situations, parents who have wanted to give the essence of their child to a new mother, children who have wanted to remember their mother in her last moments, siblings who have gathered their DNA in a ring to give it to their mother, and many more.

In any case, giving your DNA inside a jewel to your mother is a very special gift that she will carry with her like a treasure and you can be sure that it will move her.

Now is an ideal time to do it with time, because we can send you the kit and in 15 days you would have the jewel ready to give. But if you make the time above you know that we have our Gift Box, the box contains the DNA extraction kit and the jewelry catalog for her to choose the jewel she likes.

Visit our discover how it works here, take a look at all the models available here and if you don’t know which one she might like more we have a Gift Box with 12 different models for her to choose the one she likes best. And if you have something special in mind do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you in any way possible.


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